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Music brings me up and makes me feel good. The first contact with my main instrument, the drums, was through my father as he was a popular jazz- and big band drummer.

At the early age of 10 yrs, I've had my first experience playing with professional musicians (my father's colleagues) on a really big stage after their rehearsal. That was a real punch for me to start my own musical career.

So when I was 14, I started a band project named "Stonehenge" with some school friends playing R&B. Young and wild I started working as a studio drummer and my first experience as a session player was in Saba Studios in Villingen/Germany. Shortly after that I produced my first song in Zucker Fabrik/Stuttgart when I was 19 years old.

Today, as I love music in general and not styles or genres I've played, experienced and enjoyed a lot of different styles like pop, rock, bossa nova, samba, big band, new wave and fusion. Out of that I gained a broad wide spectrum of inspirations for future projects.

More recentely, my "new love" is playing keyboards, composing and songwriting. But hey, I'm still drumming the "Space Funk" and the "Jungle Beat"!